Why Visit America?

By Henri Pearson, 17th January 2020

The best places to visit in the USA has to be Washington DC, New York, San Fransisco, Las Vegas and New Orleans with the exception of Miami, Florida which neighbours the Bahamas and is home to the Florida Keys.

New York is home to the famous world trade centre site, the Empire State building, Washington DC is famously known for the capital building which houses the most powerful government in the world and the White House, as you can see above the Golden Gate bridge is the most famous bridge in the world, its a single suspension bridge similar to Japans Agasaki and the Humber.

Las Vegas the city that truly never sleeps rides in the state of California you can fly on a helicopter out to the main desert, travel by steam ferry down the Mississippi river or spend a few days in Orlando, Florida then travel to Miami and cruise in the keys or of the coast of the Bahamas. 

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