Why travel to Kenya Tasvo National Park and Mombassa

By Henri Pearson, 10th December 2019

Kenya is home to some of the most magnificent landscapes, Tasvo National Park is one of them, during our time in Mombasa not only did we end up fishing in the middle of the Indian ocean, we visited a private orphanage that was home to a number of the poorest children in Africa, giant famous tusk’s commissioned by Queen Elizabeth in 1952 and two luxury hotels that provided a white sandy, ocean view and the other that provided an infinity pool that backed onto wild elephants rooming with monkeys at every corner.

Credit: Trip Advisor

In Mombasa the people are friendly, there is lots to do, you can walk safely to local shops in the city centre or for a stroll down the beach as the sun goes down. If you make friends with the local chief it helps at the end of the week when you want to buy handmade wood carvings. In the evening if you don’t want to relax the Kenyan people will be delighted to take you to their local nightclubs if you’re brave for a dance.

At Tasvo National Park you will find leopards if you’re lucky they’ll be on the hunt, wilderbeast, elephants, giraffes, zebra, cheetah’s, monkeys, african wild dogs there are lions and rhino but it’s rare we saw the rhinos. The driver will take you round safely so you see the entire park, you can sit and watch them for over 10+ hours without noticing the time pass.

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