Why not contract our NHS to China too?

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Why not to do business with China and how western nations are at risk

By Henri Pearson, 9th March 2020

The Chinese government made is very clear that they would not trade with any western providers such as Nokia, T-Mobile, Verizon though the British government have made a decision to continue to trade leaving our our air waves and connection networks in the hands of Chinese communist party with extremist ambitions for a 'One China that rules all". Both Australia and the USA have highlighted the security risk to their nations that this poses.

The British could have chosen an American provider but tarnished our very special relationship with the US damaging the USA's position as the world leader, which is likely to have devastating effects on the British public for many years to come.

The Chinese still violate human rights, carry out executions by firing squad, the Chinese have proven to have poor health and safety regulations resulting in an outbreak of the new Wuhan virus, the nation has been aggressively targeting smaller countries in the south China Sea, including applying pressure to Hong Kong and more importantly Taiwan proving to international communities that the nation is not ready to hold the position as world leader.

Higher Ground Productions, highlights the dangers the country and leaders within pose to western nations, the film American Factory was produced by the Obamas, it highlights the treatment of US citizens working in factories for lower than the national minimum wage in poor conditions with fewer if any workers rights, the same is happening locally in Coventry, UK as The Red Sun Group invests over $100m into the development of it's new factory.

Significant proportions of our networks and airwaves are being lost to Chinese suppliers, we are loosing our British manufacturers to Chinese investment firms, losing our academic facilitates that predominately prioritise Chinese students due to higher fee's, our post offices the were owned by the british tax payer sold off are now being turned into Chinese food markets rubbing it in our faces, our cities are being converted into segmented China towns, local Chinese estate firms are only advertising in Chinese and yet global pandemics are caused through poor quality control inside China's borders the excuse of British MP's and committees is "diversity" where the diversity....?

Tighter immigration systems are being designed for migrants, stronger police enforcements are targeted at the poorer areas, when are we going to do something about the mighty One, China that continues to enforce its might tactically through its gross, greedy and criminal investment techniques.

Credit: Business Insider

"Let's just build a hospital, that will fix it, Xi Jinping"

Johnson is proving to be no longer the "people's person of Britain" images of himself waving outside downing street number 10 after the announcement in the press of his new baby made us wonder if he actually thinks he's royalty forgetting the purpose he serves in office and his campaign slogan/manifesto which pays duty to protecting the people and serving the people. No, Boris you're letting us down, you are serving yourself great, good luck with the baby why not take paternity and leave someone else to save the country from Chinese peril, we know that there is a hold up on major British development projects caused by number 10.

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