Why helping the elderly is vital, not discussed enough and should be addressed by government

By Henri Pearson, 22nd January 2020

As we get older and those that are old have to deal with more issues and difficulties than the human body and brain has even had to deal with before, as we get older we deal with diseases such as cancer, dementia, malnutrition, widows are common, we loose hearing, we struggle to walk, were at risk of loneliness and in some cases can't even clean or carry out daily activities that are simple to us in our younger years, the elderly rely on those that are caring for them, its integral to do this, to demonstrate our humanity, to demonstrate to those that are getting older or who are of that age i.e. above 70+ that we do care and will look after them during there elderly days, making them feel young at heart and living a good life until death.

Being old and wanting to die is one thing, but being old and wanting to die because you feel that there is no-one willing to care for you or support you or that this current system is too bad to go through it is another. Some people don't have families to rely on, Age UK support the elderly through financial matters, going to hospital, short breaks, lunch groups, staying connected. You can also find advice online for end of life care via the NHS which supports what's a traumatic time for everyone who knows the cherished individual that's in their final days or months.

1.7 million pensioners live in poverty in 2020, Michelle Mitchell, Charity Director General of Age UK said, "Many more of us are living longer and doing so in better health and that is something to be celebrated. Among other things, the extraordinary human capital within our older population cannot be ignored.

"Of course, an ageing population does present challenges particularly if we want to ensure that everyone is able to lead fulfilling lives  for as long as possible".

"The Government has said it wants to make the UK the best country in Europe in which to grow old. That will require vision and careful planning. But if we start now, such a pledge is entirely achievable, helping to transform later life for generations to come". 

Of the 12.2 million older people who live in the UK, over a million (around one in 10 people) over the age of 65 are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition.

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