Welcome to Space wants to connect brands with viynal wraps on spaceships in outer space

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The independant tourist board Welcome to Space is levy fee based tourist board that wants to promote space as an opportunity destination to travel to as a collaboration with governments, space agencies and other organisations with strong green initiatives promoting a greener space as space travel is currently damaging to the environment especially rocket fuel.

The organisation will work with it's levy payers from the space industry to promote space as the new travel destination around the globe whilst working on green initiatives to make space travel more environmentally friendly, Welcome to Space will generate additional revenue through advertising within the space sphere. A few of ours aim will be to host events in space, to get people thinking about universal languages and inhabitants, promote space with our partners as a place to visit, living and working in space, most importantly achieve certain advertising revenue from the space environment.

The brands we will connect will touch their audience in a unique environment like no other, connecting to them in space whilst they view the universe from the window of the space craft. Driving inward investment, growth and promoting nations and organisations to a premium demographic with commercial space flight set for 2021.

Taking expert advice from NASA, tourist boards and other space fanatics, Welcome To Space aims to deliver in this sector.

Note: This image is concept, this does not belong to WTS and are mocks.

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