Warwick Crown Court postpones case of four men from the West Midlands charged with brawling

By Henri Pearson, 20th January 2020

Burch, Hunt and Cody, were among four of the men who presented themselves calmly in Warwickshire Crown Court today after what seemed to be a brawl in the street, the crown prosecution read out in court that they held video evidence which the wanted to present to the judge dealing with the case that identifies all of the defendants who are yet to plea.

The family watch form the viewing gallery as the jugged postponed the trail until later in the day. The judge said it seamed like a simple case to deal with.

For more of the case visit the crown court on law pages https://www.thelawpages.com/magistrates-county-crown-court/Warwick-Crown-Court-70.html. You will need to provide the court with the following case numbers, T20190496, T20190523, T2020006.

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