Warlord Charles Taylor still keeps his US degree despite being found guilty of wars against humanity

By Henri Pearson, 16th February 2020

The war lord was sent to prison for 50 years for his crimes against humanity at The Hague in 2012, he is serving the prison sentence in the UK, thousands were murder, tortured and raped under his ruling. He graduated from Bentley University in the US, the university did not comment on the matter at the time of his sentence but the US university did not withdraw his degree in light of his actions.

Credit: The Telegaraph

The war lord was the president of Liberia, he refused to admit guilt and appealed the decision at the Hague but was still found guilty. He has tried to contact his supporters from his prison cell since.

Should war lords who are guilty for murder, rape, torture and starvation of millions be allowed to keep their degrees?

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