By Henri Pearson

The United Kingdom has spent millions over the years funding foreign governments to reduce extreme poverty, crime, improve health helping the most vulnerable nations and people within those nations, though often only a small percentage in some cases as little as 1% of the funding is seen and felt on the ground where it is most needed.

The UK has over 14+ million people living in moderate poverty, many British citizens are proud of the funding thats given to nations overseas but many also believe that the funding should be spent to develop and protect people in the UK first. The United Kingdom spend almost £1 billion annually on overseas aid which is enough to regenerate and build some of the UK's largest cities for example the Commonwealth games budget is £1 billion, this can have significant growth and jobs to communities in the city its being held in.

The UK could re-consider is foreign aid policies building a new system that would create thousands of jobs for British citizens around the world, using aid funding to employe and use people as a provision for aid to help re-build vital communities, provide care support, teach, educate and other major requirements nations in need have. This style of overseas aid funding has been and is still used by many governments today, it helps people provide vital services overseas and creates jobs whilst providing overseas aid support.

Invest the money on British citizens who can provide overseas aid through a service and who will gain valuable experiences overseas which they will bring back to the UK once their overseas aid mission is complete, it may also provide better knowledge to those who get involved on the dangers to the environment overseas including matters on health.

Some organisations and charities provide schemes though most require upfront advanced payments or a certain skill criteria or full time roles. A national overseas aid jobs scheme by the UK government could change the future of overseas aid spending for future generations to come creating jobs while still providing a valuable service that saves lives and build brighter futures.

The scheme could even allow people in full time roles to take time out to do short-term overseas aid missions enabling all and anyone to get involved. Whether it meant helping out in the rice fields or farming for a week or two enabling someone to take a short break from their duties, to sharing valuable experience or providing vital emergency services.

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