Time Traveling to CUBA a charming communist country.

8th January 2020, By Henri Pearson

My trip to Cuba was far more than a holiday, it was a journey to a nation that’s over 50 year behind us, the street where filled with open top 1958 Cheveralys, the hotels where under government ownership not that it made a difference and the beaches were more than paradise, locals served up water buffalo for lunch whilst we swung from palm trees over the crystal blue ocean and the white sandy beaches were our back drop, don’t be afraid to visit Cayo Saeitia its perhaps one of the best islands in Cuba.

Cuba is a destination of the past, the government heavily regulate the economy and the people who live there for example peoples community stalls which are set- up to rotate allowing for everyone a right to have a market stall and earn a living. The city parties allow for every to have a great time, although it’s worth missing the toilets as they can be dirty and often flooded, they often host carnivals and the drinks at the bar are typical luxurious Caribbean cocktails.

Cuba hosts the notorious Guantanamo Bay but if you’re traveling to the capital or areas for tourists such as Holguin then you wouldn’t even know if it’s there. The people of Cuba are very friendly and the wildlife/climate is sub-tropical.

If you want to visit Cuba you can visit their tourist centre online, Cuba does require a VISA and border controls are very firm with police and dog patrols so travel light and safe www.cubatravel.cu, Hasta La Vista!

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