OFF THE RECORD: The Secret Leaders of 2020

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By Henri Pearson, 14th April 2020

Credit: CIA

1. Gina Haspel

Grew up on a US airbase, one of the most powerful women in the world and chief of the CIA the most powerful organisation in the world.

2. Alex Younger

Sir Alex Younger born in Scotland, educated at St Andrews University, he is one of list of less than 100 spy chief to runs the service taking over from John Sawyers.

3. Vladamir Putin

Vladamir Putin, KGB agent now the president and ruler of Russia he is said to be the real ruler of Russia's intelligence operations, he's qualified.

4. Chen Wenqing

The leader of one of the worlds most secret and oppressive spy operations with with their headquarters in Bejing, his predecessor was put on trial, it's a big responsibility.

5. Faiz Hameed

ISI chief, said to be the most power intelligence agency through knowledge and insight, also one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, Musharaf said to be in control of the ISI through his presidency was almost executed by the people of Pakistan through its court system.

6. Yossef Meir Cohen

Mossad spy chief, Mossad was the agency successful for locating and brining to justice Adolf Eichmann a Nazi guard leader who sent the jews to their deaths in concentration camps.

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