Quiz: Ten of the biggest media HQ: Can other media firms compete?

By Henri Pearson, 21st April 2020

How do media firms compete with the multimedia giants worth billions, do most start-up's now have any chance in meeting the growth ambitions of the biggest media firms in the world anymore or is this false reality, we want your feedback but first take our quiz guess the HQ?

1. They make iphones..

Credit: NYT

2. The like your data and connect people....

Credit: Mirror

3. There a big telecommunication giant ..

Credit: Mapio.net

4. They own universal theme parks

Credit: Wikipedia

5. They made gmail....

6. Prime......

7. Rupert.....

Credit: NYT

8. They make American print news...

Credit: NYC

9. They sell adverts.....

Credit: WPP

10. ..........Brothers

Credit: Wikipedia

Answers, 1. Apple, 2. Facebook, 3. Comcast, 4. NBC Universal 5. Alphabet 6. Amazon 7. News Inc 8. Gannet 9. WPP 10. Warner Media

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