Rwandan Genocide 1994: the slaughter of 800,000 Tutsi's

By Henri Pearson, 12th January 2020.

The genocide in Rwanda was arguably the one of the worlds most horrific wars, it happened as the Hutis's leaders plane was shot from the sky. Hutu extremists, soldiers and rebels began a civil war that would last several months slaughtering millions. The United Nation's Kofi Annan was emailed instantly be several thousands of people action to take action before it was to late due to the severe violence in the country the UN was forced to pull mainly French UN soldiers out of the country anyone with a Rwandan passport was not allowed to leave, though some were supported by resining UN officials who stayed until the last counts of breaths taken by Tutsi's hiding from the horrors that they were about to face. Though today in 2020 Tutsi' and Hutu's live peacefully side by side to those that slaughtered each other families demonstrating forgiveness and morals at the highest of levels.  

Credit: Global News

Sadly genocide's are still happening around the world today, the murder and ethnic cleansing of thousands of muslims in Myanmar, Asia is happening on a daily basis, these people are being forced to move there homes, being displaced and executed by army officials across the country. Visit the United Nations  for more on the history of Rwanda and the Myanmar massacre.  

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