P&T Productions and P&T Pictures are working on two productions Yorkieshore & Shire and Seize

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It comes at P&T Entertainment have launched a number of movie teasers and given insight into a number of entertainment platforms coming soon.

P&T Productions latest update:

P&T Productions it working on two productions set for your TV screen very soon, Yorkieshore is York's first reality tv show to be hosted in the city following Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore and The Only Way is Essex.

Shire is Yorkieshore for the over 40's, except it will be hosted in the "posh-side" of York, sharing insight into York's most notorious business magnets.

York is home too royalty, its famous for the river ouse which hosts luxury yachts who's owners enjoy the night life and pubs on summer days, scenes will include on of Britians oldest cathedrals, scenes in Betty's Tea rooms, in and around the city centre and its bars and clubs.

The production will contain scenes of strong language, party life, sexual content and its made for 18's+ casting will start soon so please keep updated by following us on social media.

Seize, a production that will be streamed online its story is based on the true story of the £500+ million drug siege of the coast of Scotland, one of Europes largest ever drug ocean/deep water seizes in the north sea, it gives insight into the boarder enforcements and police's battle with the illegal British drug trade and the notorious masterminds behind the shipments and the fight against protecting our people. Highlighting the severity of Britians drug cartels.

A drama series, it includes violence, sexual scenes, violent language and is based on the true story in 2016.

P&T Productions and P&T Pictures is part of P&T Entertainment is also home to some exciting shows such as Festival TV, Culture TV and more productions in the pipeline, having previously streamed live a number of festivals including Bestival and the Dartford Festival both with an audience capacity of up to and beyond 80,000-100,000+ attendees we believe this is something we can deliver on. Becoming a leading streaming service provider for cultural events and festivals.

Taught by BAFTA experts, we are looking forward to commissioning these productions. Below is a pilot trailers teaser which gives you an idea of what the production/series could be like.

We will be casting for the production soon, please keep an eye out on our social media channels if you want to be involved or contact us for more.

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