P&T Entertainment shares insight into its developing business functions..

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P&T Entertainment, a Phonetic brand is home to some exciting industry sectors.

P&T Entertainment works collaboratively with P&T Productions, P&T Pictures, P&T Animations. From festivals, radio shows, sports entertainment, film and movie producing and directing, podcasts, tv channels including cable tv and sports streaming, publishing/writing, music producing, modelling, productions, one of a kind fashion events/shows each operating in their own entity.

Lead by a qualified actor our productions and films are set to impress viewers, maximising audience engagement, our animation productions are built on well established legacies short productions of which already have millions of viewers. Having previously worked with modelling firms the company is well adversed to deliver attractive models, having also previously worked on fashion shows with Topshop and Tommy Hilfiger.

P&T Entertainment is also proactive in acquiring independent firms in the media and entertainment industry.

Operating under entertainment laws the firm producing quality entertainment for the wider public and in some cases bespoke to the individuals taste. Films teasers from P&T Pictures can be watch here and here.

Contact us to be involved.

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