OOH News goes live on digital billboards with the first broadcast

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Out-of-home news is the worlds first outdoor new broadcaster broadcasting news from source to iconic digital billboards between adverts during downtime in a television style format to millions around the world with your very own ooh news presenters and broadcast journalists.

Credit: Leeds City Council

The news is manufactured by out-of-home news, controlled and selected by out-of-home digital media owners, its placed between ads to inform, engage and entertain viewers, no sound is required as viewer use the subtitles or download the ooh news app though some allow for sound below certain decibels, its ideal for city centre locations though can also be used for roadside billboards to. The news and content is non-conflicting with advertisers, and is presented by your very own Henri Pearson along with other presenters/anchors. Bulletins and news packages are between 10 secs and 60 secs and go through the CMS onto the billboard from the OOH/DOOH newsroom shortly after ads follow.

Out-of-home broadcasting requires a licence as its separate from broadcasting on TV or to IOS and android devices under "out of home" broadcasting law/regulation provided by OOH news working with regulators. OOH News is expanding its broadcasting ability by integrating it with an app for "outdoor journalists". Weather, business, crime, stocks, legal, travel and other news services such as sport, business, music and entertainment including world news, local news news will also be made available for streaming. OOH News works within tight editorial guidelines to ensure all new is true, balanced, fair and accurate.

Individual outdoor digital sites can get up to 1+ million viewers at anyone time providing a competing platform for leading tv show/leading news station figures.

Credit: The Tank

News influences the public and can control consumer spend and economic decisions. Case studies include articles and broadcasts by MGM Grand which convented over £7,500 in hotel room spend.

Print ad spend that keeps newspapers and other print formats a flow is slowly being overtaken by digital out-of-home spend, digital out of home demand for content and news will gradually increase.

OOH News is working on broadcasting live interviews in similar news room scenarios. Recruitment for out-of-home broadcast journalists will be soon contact our recruitment team via the contact us page to be directed to the correct team.

With over a million digital sites across the world with leading companies we aim to reach more audiences across the world using real world presenters, leading the way with outdoor companies like Global who we have previously worked with.

Are you interested in becoming an out of home news reporter?

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