OFF THE RECORD: Covid-19 virus was made in a lab it was an "accident" intelligence officials say.

The damages of the Pandemic and the dangers Chinese investment and technology poses.

A former intelligence chief confirmed that the Covid-19 virus which has killed almost 1 million people around the world was likely to have accidentally been made in a lab and is man-made, China who have not declared their total death toll numbers but to date on record are far less than many nations including both the United Kingdom and the USA.

Historically China has aggressively been investing in overseas tertiary without regulated health and safety procedure/protocol which many western nations work incredibly hard to produce and maintain its a clear sign of "uncontrolled growth".

China and it's aggressive government has become an increasing threat to western societies through investment and technology companies such as Zoom, Tick Tock (Bytedance), Huawei and many other Chinese companies have gained considerable market dominance having the power to influence democratic process in the UK and other nations, British assets are being sold of cheap to Chinese investors posing threats to the countries future even small coffee shops, post offices, flower shops, estate agents, real estate and UK manufacturing are Chinese owned all of which would be traditionally owned by locals who have been pushed out of this market place. We have seen aggressive interviews on British state owned broadcasters such as Channel 4 by Chinese Ambassadors even replacing 'C4' branding to Chinese state backdrops, it comes as Chinese military have been increasingly aggressive in the South China Sea, new security laws in Hong Kong pushing millions looking to the international communities for help whilst also aggressively approaching Taiwan and surrounding nations on the peninsula.

History shows the danger Facebook and the Cambridge Analytic scandal a company ran by Alexander Nix posed to the US elections and the interception of the political processes by foreign states and manipulating data using convert military data tactics, Tick Tock now have the same opportunity but worse it's actually directly owned by the Chinese Government, Tick now has hundreds of millions of users with over 3.7 million in the UK all vulnerable to election/poll interface and influence may of which happen to be the next generation, the company is being endorsed by many British education institutions, celebrities and worse used by government officials. Many politicians have been instructed by GCHQ not to use platforms such as Zoom because this makes discussion and policy making vulnerable to Chinese interference. The UK government have implemented investment tax's on Chinese investors to manage the scale of investment made by Chinese Investors. Tick Tock has been forced to sell in the US and banned in India, data is stored by the firm in remote data centres in Chinese provinces.

Many campaigners are fighting for more regulation on companies such as Facebook celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Scooter Braun have protested collaboratively in a campaign "Stop Hate for Profit" which has over 100 million campaigners across social platforms, The owners of tech companies have been pulled up many times in congress in the US with enquires in the UK it's inevitable that to do this with the owners of Tick Tock will be far more difficult especially if its left to expand. Holding China to account for the Pandemic leading law makers say is impossible as China is immune as it's a nation state the same ruling may apply if governments want to tackle Tick Tock in the future which is state owned, It will be far more difficult for agencies and regulators to remove harmful and hateful content on Tick Tock not to mention it's false bots, political oppression, algorithmic surveillance, social control it's already proving very difficult for these firms to do this now on current social platforms. In the UK Ofcom and other regulators are left with the task of tackling social media, £100+m budget will be brushed off by the Chinese state when approached by these regulators and alike.

Questions for thought:

  1. It leaves us wondering if the Chinese government should pay for failure to inform other governments earlier about the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak?

  2. Should the UK government sue China for the debt accrued in the UK by the pandemic or are British tax payers going to be left with the burden?

  3. Is democracy now in the hands of the internet?

  4. Is the UK government leaving it's citizens vulnerable by not tackling the issue?

  5. Should advertisers boycott Tick Tock?

Despite this China and western nations have a long history, China has a lot to offer and makes a wonderful place to visit with stunning national parks, wildlife and culture, but a new approach with China and it's trading relationship between the UK must be sought out and more regulation on its technology, H&S compliance and being cautious of its strategy and political antics in the future.

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