My trip to Japan, Kozushima an island with only 2000 inhabitants

By Henri Pearson, 13th December 2019

Kozushima is a small island off 188km the coast of Tokyo, Japan only 20 sqm, it's apart of Tokyo's Eleven Islands. You can fly to the island or take a speed ferry through the docks of Tokyo and across the Japanese sea. It's named the gathering place of the gods for a reason, the island has rich drinking spring water.

Staying in a local's home and sleeping on Japanese tatami mat's, drinking Japanesee tea and local fish is an experience of a life time. The snorkelling and swimming is like no other, you can dive off the cliff edge's into the blue lagoon style pools and swim with red eels and Japanese squid. Tako bay and Akazaki Yuhodo are a must, its also a great place to watch the stars in a dome and the milky way. The trip was almost month and included staying on campus at one of Tokyo's leading universities Hitotsubashi University.

While you are visiting Tokyo you may also want to take a quick ride on the outside escalators, visit the Imperial Palace East Gardens and if that's not enough then wait until you see Tokyo Tower.

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