More countries develop nuclear power to prevent climate change and it’s dangerous

By Henri Pearson, 4th February 2020

As the IPCC add to the pressure of climate changes across the globe, third world countries are turning to nuclear power as a solution. Not only does this cause security risks, but this is not a solution to climate change. Hoover, USA reported that China has been investing in nuclear power plants in Pakistan and other third world countries such as Egypt, Turkey and Hungary have all been turning to nuclear as a solution. Russia too has been investing in nuclear with thirty-four reactors in thirteen different countries across the globe.

Fukshima, Nuclear Power Plant, Japan

Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet today, sea levels are set to rise 0.82 percent by 2100, temperatures could rise by 4.9 percent by 2050. If this scenario continues with the rise of carbon dioxide continuing to rise by 2300 a warming of up to 12.6 degrees is possible. The famous Einstein and Russell manifesto 1955 was signed to prevent the growth of nuclear power and weapons, more can be found about the dangers of using atomic energy by researching into the Pugwash conference which was organised by the world of science and affairs.

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