Five working professionals from Birmingham are sailing around the world

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By Henri Pearson, 10th December 2019

An accountant, civil servant, boat builder, medical doctor and a consultant all from Birmingham have set sail around the world as part of the Clipper Ventures Round the World Yacht Race all with no sailing experience at all. The race was founded in 1996 by Sir Robin Knox Johnson the first man to sail solo around the world.

Those from the West Midlands and Birmingham are Amanda Daniels, Catherine Johnson, Smita Sinha, Luke Patching and David Phelps all form part of a 700 strong crew taking or have taken part in this challenging event, they have taken on the four weeks of intensive training needed to take part in the race but most have no experience, the race attracts global audiences in their millions who will view the race online or visit the yachts at each port. The race started on the 1st September 2019 leaving St Katherines Docks, London.

Smita Sinha, 40 from Birmingham is medical doctor she has never sailed before most of them haven't and will sail on leg 8 across the North Atlantic ocean with waves up to 10 meters high and wind speeds over 108 mph. Interviews for the race are required, once Smita is finished she will have conquered one of the biggest oceans in the world and faced up to mother nature.

Credit: Clipper Ventures PLC

The race covers over 40,000 miles, you can track the race online via the route map tracker https://www.clipperroundtheworld.com/race/route-map, Clipper was established by Sir Robin Knox Johnson with William Ward, OBE who is also a Great Ambassador. Why not take a trip to London for the final Atlantic home coming at The Royal Albert Docks in early August 2020.

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