Magistrates judges don't have to be educated to degree level but can sentence people to prison.

By Henri Pearson, 9th April 2020

Magistrates in the united kingdom do not even have to be educated to degree level but are able to sentence people to prison, it come's as a 24 year old was sentenced in Lincolnshire to twelve months at a magistrates court for being living homeless and sleeping rough outside the theatre.

Credit: Henri Pearson, Homelessness, Coventry City Centre

Gavin Williamson education secretary has not commented, nor has the justice minister, there are calls for reform by the people in the justice system as magistrates should require degrees or be educated to a degree level, it's an appalling lack of empathy and abuse of power in the judicial system. The issue is on the rise and a problem across all cities in the UK and overseas but punishment by prison sentence should be illegal its not a solution the long term repetitional damage is significant i.e. finding work with a criminal record that includes a sentencing.

#reforminjustice #ukcriminalsystem #makeitillegal

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