Khavarn Williams ‘Varny’ could be the next Sergio Aguero or Raheem Sterling.

By Henri Pearson, 1st January 2019

Khavarn, born in 2003 in south east London, spent 5 years at Fulham FC but when the young footballers talent caught the eye of Premiere League club, Bournemouth AFC he started to turn heads in the transfer market. His team mates call him ‘Varny’.

Credit: Bournemouth AFC, Khavarn Williams

Khavarn is Jamaican British descent, what most exciting about the player is his motivation, his ambitions are significant, his favourite player is Raheem Sterling who currently plays for Manchester City Football Club “Raheem is a good role model for me both on and off the pitch”.

Credit: Manchester City Football Club

Khavarn's family are very proud of his success to date his uncle lives in Hull and said “Khavarn has always been motivated by football, it’s his life we get chance to see him on occasions but he’s so motivated that his heads always on the next game or how he can improve in training, we are very proud of him and continue to support him throughout his football career, he’s inspired by some of the best players in the league, we have high hopes he will get there”.

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