How to turn Brexit Britain into an international business hub and tourist destination.

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By Henri Pearson, 15th December 2019

It’s inevitable that Britain is leaving the EU, it’s now time for the British public and private sector work across the UK working collectively with national government to get Britain ready for an international operation and improve international trade.

Spain is one of Europe’s largest contributors and it has a capital GDP growth of over 2%, and the fastest growing, predominately down to tourism, so let’s follow its tourism model and use global climate change to our advantage, letting the larger global players such as China, US, India the biggest contributors to pollution dispute over climate change and how to tackle it whilst Britain opens it's seaside towns and city centres for the warmer summers and cool winters.

The £8.9 billion that Britain will save from no-longer being a member of the EU can go towards the funding of Britain’s deprived cities and regions development area’s such as the Midlands, Yorkshire, North East, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, North West and rural areas of the South – improving transport, heritage, health, culture, property creating small international hubs attracting tourism and promoting economic growth. Take York, Warwickshire and Lincoln as great examples.

For more visit https://www.visitbritain.com/gb/en.

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