How the media helped mould world war two: Online art gallery..

By Henri Pearson, 27th march 2020

The media played an integral role in world war two and one for that matter, these adverts, the radio broadcasts, the television broadcasters, each person who looked at an advert observed them will have no doubt been effected personally in some kind of way, whether that was because they wanted to fight or work for there country, the ad or broadcast reminded them of someone special that they adored who had been killed, but behind each person "thought" they may not have realised at home the true determent to what the people of there country had committed it's self to and what they were facing overseas imagine what technology could do now to share that? Behind each message was another soldier lost, another blown up factory by hitlers bomb raids, think of the young and naive with no choice.

Credit: Pintrest

This adverts demonstrates the to extent and length they went to recruit during world war two, the efforts made to help save the nation. This demonstrate the importance of outdoor media during war time too.

Credit: Net-Designs

How do you think young men living in Britain between 18-25 would feel when they see this advert knowing that someone close to them will have been effected by these men, perhaps even killed? Did this help incite the aggression for defence of the nation? Perhaps, was this required to defeat the evil of the Nazi regime? Yes.

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The broadcasts, the cheers and the sound of people listening at home when the enemy was one step further away from reaching the coastlines of Great Britain.

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