How I met Sir Robin Knox Johnson a legend of the seas

Henri Pearson, 29th November 2019

Sir Robin Knox Johnson was the first man to sale solo and non-stop around the world on his own hand-built yacht between 1968 and 1969, in 2007 he circumnavigated in the Velux 5 Oceans Race.

Sir Robin Knox Johnson is an ambassador of Clipper Ventures PLC through which the CEO of Clipper requested support for a digital campaign that would aid the launch of the 2016 clipper yacht race.

Sir Robin is a tall man so won’t go a miss, his traditional english accent make’s him stand out, he is completely dedicated to the world of sailing, he is often at the heart of any action and he enjoys his cigar’s. He has supported Clipper Ventures since its start, working with William Ward the aim of the organisation is to promote economic growth and build awareness of the yacht sponsors who's brands are carried across the globe by amateur sailors who raised the funds to compete in either the entire race or just a leg.

Sir Robin Knox Johnson starred in the BBC Two programme filmed in Cape Horn and the Canadian Artic with the legendary broadcaster Jon Simpson and Sir Ranulph Fiennes as his crew.

He is not only recognised internationally for his strength and endurance to carry out these missions, when he’s not on a yacht or out at sea he proves to be a great fundraiser and campaigner for the sport to.

Clipper received my support on the design of their VIP suite during Hull’s Freedom Festival 2009 which Sir Robin Knox Johnson enjoyed very much.

To this day only 100 people have sailed the world solo out of 7 billion people.

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