How Dyson is taking on Brexit in a stride by moving to Asia

By Henri Pearson, 9th December 2019

Dyson’s Chief Executive Officer has taken major steps in-light of Brexit by investing in moving the headquarters and manufacturing plant to Asia’s renown Singapore.

Dyson’s headquarters are currently located in Wiltshire, England. Although Jim Rowan, CEO of Dyson has made it clear in recent statements that “the move is not due to Brexit and it’s simply due to business growth and it’s what the business needs” the move is likely to happen prior to Brexit leading to suspicions that it does have something to do with Brexit.

Sir James Rowan owns 100% of the company and built up a personal fortune of £9.5 billion has not commented on the move. The corporate tax rate in Singapore is 17% in comparison to 19% in the UK.

Dyson employees over 7,000 people, 4,400 of which are engineers and over 4,000 are based at the headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Dyson have their own university which is designed especially for engineering degrees which invests £7m a week into research and development. The firms started out supplying hovers across the globe, they have advanced into the beauty market supplying luxury blow dryers, hand dryers for sinks, air treatment and lighting.

For shopping all things Dyson can be found here https://www.dyson.co.uk/en.html prices start from £95.00.

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