How checking your weight in the gym is vital to training and more basic training tips.

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By Henri Pearson, 7th January 2020

Weight tracking is vital for everyday exercise routines, not only can it help you keep track of the effectiveness of your workouts but it can prevent strokes, high blood pressure and in worst case scenarios high blood pressure.

Make sure you also keep watch off your BMI - Body Mass Index this will prevent you from gaining unnecessary weight.

How dumbbell curls are a great beginners tool to help you increase muscle growth:

Dumbbells are an effective form of exercise that will help build your muscles deepening on which forms of excursive you decide to do changing the angle in which you raise the dumbbell will change the muscle you start to work. Below are some examples of you can try.

- Bicep Curls

- Dumbbell front raises

- Dumbell Squats

- Alterative bicep curls (change angle)

This is based on the British government's Healthy Life Style Scheme.

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