How a 1.5 celsius temperature rise will start to destroy planet earth

By Henri Pearson, 30th December 2019

A simple way to understand global warming

According to global research by the IPCC a 1.5 celsius temperature rise will affect hundreds of millions of people across the planet, but it will also have a significant impact on coral reefs particularly warm water corals, coastlines, fisheries, artic region and terrestrial sites, all these areas are being forced to adapt to the rising temperatures.

Image taken in York City Centre, River Ouse, regular flooding across the streets of the famous historic town York.

This interactive map provided by www.carbonbrief.org demonstrates how sea levels will rise damage the coastlines all over the world and melting artic ice caps.

The current average temperature on earth has increased by 0.8 degrees since 1980 the predicted temperatures rise by scientists from a number of research centres across the globe incudes a rise of over 50% in the next 10-30 years. Governments need to step up their regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, corporations need to reduce waste, higher incentives should be given to recycle, investors should be encouraged by financial institutions to invest in green and carbon neutral solutions and people should reduce eating beef, be encouraged to use public transport, walk, cycle or be incentivised to buy electric, hybrid cars or grow your own foods.

Simple tips can be found here at www.curbed.com on how you can help.

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