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By Henri Pearson, 20th January 2020

Despite the government being warned by American security services, the government have defended 5G network and infrastructure plans of Chinese firm Huawei, the firm has had ties with the communist government in China which continues to display violent economic and military displays of force in the South China Sea and many other parts of the world.

The firm will only be allowed 35% of market share, but even so this leaves 35% of the British public at risk to Chinese hackers, and the Chinese government. China has always had plans for a "One China". Huawei has poor environmental policies and has been banned in Canada and America due to its connections with the Chinese government. Raab and other members of the government have backed the decision collectively, Patel has spoke to the BBC and confirmed that the firm will not service near nuclear sites and military sites. It does leave the British public wondering if the government have thought about the security risk this poses on the potential service users.

The Huawei deal poses the biggest security threat to United Kingdom all you need to do is look at the tech valley giants in the US including there data centres and realise the damage this could cause to both our economy and national security UK government should use BT.

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