A blue and white day as Leicester City take on Man City on 21st December 2019

25th November 2019, Henri Pearson

The two clubs are nearest to the top of the premiere league table Leicester City with 28 points, Manchester City with 29, Man City were filmed training ahead of their pre-Christmas match’s. Number 7, Raheem Sterling one of cities strongest players, will be playing forward but will he repeat his hattrick against Bournemouth in this match, Raheem was transferred from Liverpool. Augero is cities top goal scorer though so let’s see what the two can do provided his recent injury does not stop him from playing.

Credit: Manchester City Football Club, CBS Sports

Tickets are available now and they are offering a black Friday Christmas discount, which you can find available hereon the official Manchester City website 

https://tickets.mancity.com/en-GB/events/manchester%20city%20v%20shakhtar%20donetsk/2019-11-26_20.00/the%20etihad%20stadium?hallmap the cost per adult is roughly £15.00.

City played Manchester United loosing 2-1, so beating Leicester City is vital to keep climbing the league table. Jamie Vardy is one to watch on the Leicester City scoring 12 goals this season alone. The weather is set to be cloudy and 10 degrees roughly so it should be a good match for those attending it should be a good game.

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