Earth is warming: Global temperature is rising by 2 degrees centigrade.

By Henri Pearson, 21st November 2019

175 parties had ratified the Paris agreement and 10 developing countries had submitted their first iteration of their national adaptation plans for responding to climate change. The initiatives already demonstrate that achieving the 1.5°C goal will require the mobilization of all actors across society, countries, regions, cities, companies, investors and other organisations.

Credit: NASA

The immediate objective for the 28 initiatives, therefore, will be to significantly build their respective memberships in the coming years to address the scale of the climate emergency.

The initiatives are organized under the summits nine action areas, which were identified and prioritised by the UN Secretary-General as a means of ensuring that actions announced at the Summit are as impactful as possible.

Over the last seven months, these action areas have been led by 19 countries and supported by many international organizations. They cover the spectrum of climate-related issues, including mitigation, politics and society, young people and the public, energy, infrastructure, industry, adaptation and resilience, nature-based solutions and climate finance.

A petition signed by 31,000+ scientists, 10,000 with PHD’s signed an agreement that human action is the cause of earth’s global warming it can be found here at http://www.petitionproject.org.

Research was carried out by Henri via Cambridge University Library.

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