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Entertainment homes that you never want to leave

E Homes is working on a number of developments, the property development company which currently manages property in Yorkshire.

E Homes is working on project in Ireland, Mayo called Lucky Entertainment Estates developing recycled and recyclable homes with the latest entertainment equipment and entertainment streamlined from P&T Entertainment, sea views and holiday retreats in the green rural wilderness of Ireland. Other developments include Barley Entertainment Estates, Yorkshire and Entertainment Hills International.

Credit: Concept Image Only.

E Homes has two major environmental construction projects which are in in concept and we have asking the public via consultation.

Credit: Treehouse, example interior

Credit: Singapore, example interior

Credit: Basic designs, which can be applied to both constructions which we aim to build and construct.

Example interior.

The Oceans and Rivers Project and The Forest Project are two major environmental education projects aimed for construction in the city of Hull and Coventry bringing with them exciting innovative education concepts that will inspire generations on whats most important protecting the future of the planet whilst educating. We aim to build the projects in suitable city centre locations reusing buildings and abandoned spaces, the projects will provide visitors with unique experiences with the natural world. Click to learn more about Oceans and Forests via the WWF.

Originally, The Rivers project, was concept of the the world's only submarium based in Hull, The Deep, designed and developed by the Chief Executive, Colin Brown and his team. This Oceans and Rivers Project is a renewed design/concept by E Homes, with a new location identified less than 1.5km creating a pathway to and from each site.

Our image board below gives you insight into our concepts. We hope to have each of the projects funded by sponsors, the aim will be to educate the modern world about the severity of climate change whilst conserving the endangered natural world ultimately forming two suitable unforgettable profitable visitor attractions that will enhance each city making them attractive to international communities.

Our aim is to collaborate with leading scientists, researchers, partner with property developers, local government, celebrity faces fighting for this cause, charities leading climate action and work with global brands to activate and fund the projects building exciting attractions that educate generations and engage with all ages in a theme park style environment keeping science fun ultimately educating to help lower carbon emissions and carbon foot print meeting Cambridge Zero's 2050 net emission targets.

The projects by E Homes in-self with be an estimated combined £20m-£100m, delivering quality economic growth and regeneration to the regions, job creation, create world leading attractions drawing in audiences from all over the world and most importantly make a difference to temperature rises that are effecting humanities existence and our natural world.

The new attractions would make Hull and other cities be seen beyond their regions as environmentally friendly hubs, attracting high quality visitors.

The United Kingdom geographically remains one of the world's biggest polluters after nations like the US, China, Canada, Germany and Russia. Our population in comparison other nations produces a significant amount of carbon emissions harbouring large industrial polluters and organisations through collaborative partnerships and our innovative education concepts and attractions we can help progress to a more sustainable green nation and planet.

Our partner company Cactus Events, will to work on this project which has already worked on world renown events/attractions such as the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, Eden Project and Le Tour De France.

Cactus has some incredible events in the "pipeline" that entertain people in ways like never before using obscure terrains and world class programmes/films to create memorable experiences drawing in hundreds of thousands.

Our agency Kangaroos will also help with this project highlight the severity of climate change at each venue in experiential creative ways along with other creative partners.

"E Homes, a Phonetic company is also working with other Phonetic brands to produce and invest in eco-friendly energy solutions to replace bad current energy solutions".

Credit: Emperor Penguins

We will work to expand on our concepts educating and reaching all corners of the planet, to develop a greener world, helping to prevent sea levels rising, forest fires, the destruction of wildlife and the destruction of other natural habitats.

"People from all cultures will see these attractions online and want to visit, together we can begin to enjoy our planet again without sweating on a transport system! E Homes will develop as an environmentally friendly green trading partner, collaborating with UK T&I to ensure we are successful" says a Phonetic spokesman.

Attached are additional resources, which are available for you to read on climate change:

1. https://www.energylivenews.com/2020/01/25/david-attenborough-we-should-listen-closely-to-citizens-climate-assembly/

2. https://www.cam.ac.uk/stories/cambridgezero

3. https://www.nme.com/news/music/damien-rice-covers-sia-chandelier-songs-for-australia-2624841

4. https://www.un.org/en/sections/issues-depth/climate-change/

Credit: Some of the images are concept and belong to other projects or organisations and not Phonetic, all plans are subject to funding and backing.

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