DID YOU KNOW? Margert Thatcher was the first female primemister to address the US congress.

By Henri Pearson, 8th April 2020

Margert Thatcher was not just the first female primeminster of the United Kingdom, but she was the first female primeminister to address the house of congress in the United States of America. Significant because the US congress has only invited a handful of British primeministers to speak in the house it’s a symbol of power and shows she contributed to and had an influence over American democracy and politics.

Credit: Hillsdale College

Margert Thatcher was the first female British primeminsiter, she was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire she leaves a remarkable story and legacy for the people of Lincolnshire to be proud of putting aside political controversies and policies she me have implemented that were opposed by some. She was educated at Summerville College, Oxford and went to an all-girls school. Her bronze statue is a prominent figure of her home town which is located in the town. Thatcher was named the Iron Lady for her strength and during the cold war, Rt Hon Margert Thatcher met her husband in Dartford. The full version of her speech can be found online at Thatcher’s speech to congress.

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