D Media begins concepts for multi-million pound digital out-of-home art network

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D Media is a unique outdoor media company launching a digital outdoor media art network with almost 20 flagship locations across the UK and a further 10 flagship sites across our ten year aim is to install and manage over 1+ million sites across the globe. Our aim is to be a unique world leader in digital out-of-home setting a trend.

D Media is working with individual artists to design iconic digital billboards that will not just be the displays for world's leading brands, but a symbol of art and culture leaving a little legacy in each city. We work with private landlords, the event sector and real estate developers along with over government organisations from planning to consultancy a full end to end solution, military and public bodies.

Each site will be renown for its name, it will build and establish a connection with communities and hold significant brand value whilst providing high audience ROI and data for media agencies, buyers and clients. The above site is a concept and uses the art created by famous artist Heather Phillipson, this art current stands in front of the London National Art Gallery. This digital site signals the entrance to the £3+b theme park, London Resort. Each site will be recognised for a symbol of the region or area that engages with communities, becoming landmarks of legacy.

Outdoor advertising can improve online campaigns and ROI by over 300%. D Media's, D Digital also has, sells, distributes and contracts digital screens of different sizes in addition to other digital technologies, managing and maintaining the iconic sites working to sell the media space subject to client permissions and our watertight non-conflicting agreements. Working towards some incredible sites that will add real value to their communities and industries.

D Media's, D Party is also working on a party island network across the party islands such as Sunny Beach, Ibiza, Mallorca, Kavos to list a few connecting bars, hotels and other venues to holiday makers through digital innovation.

Example: Ibiza, Spain (Graffiti Style Frame, DJ Set Frame, Signed by Artist)

All our sites will include facial recognition software, temperatures, vehicle recognition, NFC technology, data capture, we provide strong research and campaign insight and include other latests technologies and technical patented technical innovations.

Contact us for more on our sites and new developments, if you are an artists and would like to work with us to create an iconic site please do the same. D Media sites are protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988 and the US Copyright Act 1979 including international copyright law, the concept of combining art work and digital signage is also protected for the purpose of advertising.

D Media, also have a number of static sites across the UK, to request a media pack contact us, www.phoneticmedia.com. D Media also have further networks such as D Extreme, D Lux and more, again please contact us for more information.

We collaborate with advertising agencies, large and small and media buyers to run high quality outdoor media campaigns. We also welcome real estate owners who think they may have a site and are interested in generating incremental revenue.

Here are a few of our D Media brands....

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