Could rules and regulations within academic institutions be too complex for students?

By Henri Pearson, 5th March 2020

Many faculties are filled with administrators or other employee's that work simple hours with little understanding of the academic, financial and competitive challenges they face during there time in full time eduction so when it comes to facing the rules whether that be for paying tuition fees, facing disciplinary action, negotiating employment contracts with there universities or leaving universities early which can have ultimately devastating impacts on there health and education which they worked so hard for defeating the objectives and aims on both sides.

Top Tips for students:

- Academic staff will always see you as a student

- Professors and senior staff hate undergrads

- Know the academic system and rules before joining a university and spending money

- Student life is hard

- Most academic staff do not know what it's like to be a student

- Less partying more reading (try to read one book a week)

Better training should be provided by universities to improve academic staffs understanding of students life especially for those that have never been one themselves. Reporting on my knowledge of student life at various academic institutions across the United Kingdom.

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