Corona-virus because people eat bats, bats carry rabies too - could the two be linked in the future?

By Henri Pearson, 9th March 2020

This new virus that has over 100,000 new cases globally originates from bats, mainly due to Asian communities eating this species which was common in the early centuries. Bats also cause rabies.

Rabies causes animal species to have an inflammation of the brain, if you have watching the movie "I AM LEGEND" starring Will Smith it brings fears over these new diseases if the begin to have effects on humans through either death or illness or worse brain inflammation we could face a human extinction in the most gruesome of ways.

The virus to continues to spread with several deaths being announced daily, it's not quiet converting humans into futuristic zombies in the style of this movie but by looking into were the source of the disease comes from and link the two it provides a scary outlook.

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