By Henri Pearson, 11th May 2020

Colin McFarlane is a famous actor who grew up in Lincoln, he is starring in a brand-new television series, the actor starred in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Commuter alongside Liam Neason, Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.

McFarlane is a Lincoln FC fan, Manchester United fan, he is starring in Outlander which shows on Starz only he is one of the senior characters in the film starring as “The Commuter Ulysses”.

Credit: IMDB, Colin McFarlane, Maria Doyle The new tv show is a romance which includes a British Army nurse in World War Two and her husband who is a MI6 officer looking for a new career as an Oxford historian. The show has over half a million viewers and has been launched in New York but has been shooting in Ireland but mostly in Scotland and mainly in palaces and castles.

Credit: Colin Mcfarlane, Mcfarlane TV

The actor lives predominately between Lincoln and London, he studied at Cambridge and Longbrough University reading drama, the new show is a historical drama series it has five-star ratings with ninety percent of its audience, the programme is a mystery swept back into 1743 it was created by Ronald D. Moore and other casts include Catriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Duncan Lacroix and Sophie Skelton. Colin is Chancellor of Lincolnshire’s Children University and has opened Lincolns Castle with Princess Anne. During his filming in Scotland he met Sir Billy Connolly adding to the acting experience. Colin’s team didn’t give too much away about up and coming episodes but the way the show has been going it’s been getting outstanding feedback which comes as no surprise given the Cambridge taught actor is starring in the role.

Colin promotes his work on his own site www.colinmcfarlane.tv, which covers acting, voice overs, short film clips and show reals, he read Alfred Tennyson for Lincoln FC fans ahead of the FA Cup. He has starred in commercial ads with Hugo Boss, Virgin, BMW and Red Bull. Outlander which Colin is starring in is available for a free trial on Starz, it’s a series so prepare for a commitment to watching it. It has been compared with Game of Thrones, Pole Dark and Vikings. To view it watch it on Starz www.starz.com, it has been awarded the Critics’ Choice Television Award for most new exciting series, series are also being shown on Netflix.

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