China's pollution caused the wuhan virus now the world suffers.

By Henri Pearson, 4th Feb 2020

China is the worlds biggest polluter by a long stretch, as their industrial businesses and communist government continue with no action, the world stands by a watch's infectious viruses spread throughout our world, our seas rise, coral reefs bleached and people die. It's without doubt that the visa has been caused due to poor government regulation on health, safety and growth as a result they have caused an infectious disease that we do not know what it's capable of. Over 500 million people live in the country without clean drinking water...it says something about this nation.

The nation has been aware of climate change from the start, you can see the SMOG is obvious in the photo below. Should more to be done to regulate China, it already has a poor human rights track record, it's not the biggest contributor to destroying our planet and yet our governments are still willing to threaten national security by selling off cheap our networks for a gig-abite fast wi-fi.

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