Capitalism how the middle class is always pays the price

By Henri Pearson, 11th March 2020

Johnson promised to cut taxes for those earning around £80,000 in 2019 but decided then to remove this from the conservative manifesto, the middle class are always hit with covering the cost of new flood barriers across the coastlines, the middle class paying for the infrastructure of HS2 that will struggle to then afford the tickets especially for any kind of daily commute, the middle class that struggle to get there children into the best universities because they earn to much to benefit from any low-income schemes, but to little to pay the full costs of Eton or St Andrews or born into generations/industries of wealth.

The middle class are teased like "a dog with a bone" by the elite when they get anywhere near a revolution. The promises the elite make to improving living standards, pensions, salaries, education, transport and health they always fail. If only they delivered what would the world look like? Peace? Less poverty? Equality? Improving living standards and the health of everyone?

The Coronavirus is a strong example of how the upper-class and elite can't escape the poor policy making, the greed and the lack of looking after and caring for others, other historic examples are the Titanic poorly paid shipping manufacturers and labourer through no fault of there own left to few life boats of the ship even the ultra-rich suffered. The middle class are often thrown aside during weak economies and left to suffer alongside generations that never worked or claim and then when there's strong economies the middle class are often not rewarded through greed.

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